Sunday, June 29, 2008

Essential Oils for Healing

Essential Oils are used for healing purposes since ancient times. The ancient people were use the plant and herbs for direct application and for direct healing but by and by they realize that the soul is inside the plant material. This idea put the foundation of Essential Oils Extraction and Distillation.

Essential Oils are extracted from plant , shrubs, seeds, trees, roots and grasses. These oils contains the essential life force of particular plant.

To fully understand Aromatherapy and its effects, we must arrive at the basic understanding of physiological process: how the olfactory apparatus works, how essential oils are absorbed in the body.

The basic ideas are:
  1. How the brain process odor.
  2. Essential Oil Absorption through skin.
  3. Fragrance and health.
  4. Olfactory deprivation
  5. Odor and Eros
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Ankur Tandon said...

Some of the popular healing oils are as follows:

1. Sandalwood Oil
2. Rose Oil
3. Kewra Oil
4. Jasmine Oil
5. Musk Ambrette Oil

Ankur Tandon said...
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