Monday, August 11, 2008

Pure Agarwood Oil

Agarwood (also called Oudh ), I already described in so many posts in my blog. It is very mysterious and rare incense costly more than the 24 carat gold and precious than it too. If you put both things in front of a real enthusiastic perfumer, he/she will choose Agarwood because it is one of the best choice of Natural perfumer. Gold have no worth in front of Agarwood (Oud).

The glory of Pure Agarwood oil is known since several centuries. People of many tribes are distilling or extracting the real Oud incense. It is being rare due to less availability of distill able wood but government of Assam State is now executing the actions of wild agarwood quarterly.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Spice Oil trends

Oleoresins are the flavour extracts obtained by the solvent extraction of the ground spices.
They have aroma of spice and possess the attributes which contribute to the taste such as
pungency. All the spices contain essential oils in varying proportions which can be extracted
by steam distillation. India is one of the leading producers of spices and instead of exporting
raw spices, it is advisable to export value-added products.

2.1 Applications
The oleoresins and spice oils are preferred because of their microbiological advantages,
uniformity in flavour and pungency, easy to store and transport. They have several
applications like in the preparation of beverages, soup powders, confectionary, curries,
noodles, sauces, canned meat etc.
2.2 Compliance and Quality Standards
Compliance under the PFA Act is mandatory. ISI has specified quality standards vide IS
5832 & 7826 of 1975.

Oleoresins and spice oils have large domestic as well as export markets. They are consumed
by a broad spectrum of manufacturers like confectionary, noodles, beverages, sauces, canned
meat, soup powders, curries, poultry products and so on. Most of the end use industries are
growing steadily and demand is bound to increase. With increasing preference for quality
products, use of spices is rapidly replaced with oleoresins and spice oils. Exports of these
processed products, instead of raw spices, would also result in considerable value addition.

The Major Spice Oils are : Cumin Oil , Aniseed Oil, Coriander Oil, Black Pepper Oil

Oud Oil Supply, Agarwood

Oud (Or Agarwood, Aloeswood etc) is now making its appearance in western market, People are now making perfumes, skin care as well as aromatherapy formula using Oud. Due to its high lasting property say 12 hours making it ahead from other essential oils. It is not just an essential oil, it is very precious like Gold. special fungicide tree allow us to make the resinous liquid of Agarwood oil or oud oil. The 100% pure oud oil is become solid in room temperature below 25 degree centigrade.

The Supply of agarwood oil (100% Pure) is ensure and the Aquilaria species trees are all over Assam , Nagaland, Manipur and Arunanchal Pradesh regions of India. The supply is quite ensured but sometimes, due to natural imbalance like high rainfall make it little costly. But still the pure agarwood is costing round around $ 20000 USD /kg to $ 350000 /Kg. Their are many grades available for oud oil like firs distilled Agarwood Oil which is also called superior grade agarwood oil.

It is highly selling and 100% GLC tested agarwood oil.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bulk Essential Oils demand in asian market.

Essential Oils are become very special in these days as everywhere the FMCG ( Fast Moving Consumer goods) are becoming very popular. The western aromatherapy is moving towards Asian market in result, the Asia is becoming the largest buyer of Essential Oils and Absolutes.

Due to market position and currency weakness , US is now tending towards his own products instead of importing in bulk quantities of essential oils. Brand building, Customized products making, beauty care and skin care products are having so much popularity there. But in Asia, large oil trading and high quantity purchase is getting boost. Now a days, Asia is becoming No.1 in import of essential oils and India is one largest essential oil exporter and importer now a days. There is a new awareness of certified Organic Oils, Kosher , Halal certified oils etc are produced by Indian organic farmers and producers. In result, the new era of Organic Products is tacking place.

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Essential oils and baby care

Essential Oils are now very popular in baby care products. But there many quality guild lines which apply over the formulations and blends. The formula should be same like the adult but the dilution with a good carrier oil is necessary like Almond and Olive carrier oils. For pregnant women or baby , use only the one -third the amount of essential oils required in similar formulas for adults. But It is compulsory to take the advice of any good registered practitioner before using.

Essential which are useful for mother and child are as follows:
  1. Chamomile Oil
  2. Jasmine Oil
  3. Spearmint Oil
  4. Sandalwood Oil
  5. Neroli Oil
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Agarwood Oil - The Different Grades

Agarwood Oil (Aloeswood ) is the gold of Assam, India and famous for its Mystical Fragrance comes from insecticidal wood. The insect make some fungi over wood and the place where fungi occur collected by using special knives and then put it into the water tank for 2-4 months for maturity and then used finally for distillation purposes.

How can we differentiate the grades of Aloeswood Or Agarwood Or oudh ?

The Grades are basically depend upon the area from where the wood is collected and also it depends upon the time of maturity. The Aloes wood with having good insect fungi and collected from Imfall, Nagaland State India is the superior grade and costing very much. We usually say it Grade A with liquid like appearance. Grade A- II is from rest wood which didn't used for first distillation. Grade C, D from the wood of Arunanchal Pradesh State, Grade E, F is from Assam State of India. The E and F is from immature wood of Aloeswood and it is costing lesser than other grades.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rose Oil

Since ancient times, rose has been used for several therapeutic purposes. Now, the Rose Oil is highly demanded from the several big pharmaceuticals of South East Asia and due to special demand from the countries like Japan and South Korea, we well planned to doubled our production to compete with Bulgarian distiller ( whose season is gone out now ) and to provide better product this time.

As everybody knows that Bulgarian Rose Oil is one of the top selling rose oil from Europe but now , Indian supplier of Rose Oil put their leg on to the path of Bulgarian manufacturers. One thing is important from technical point of view, the Indian Rose Oil have less Methyle Eugenol and Iso Eugenol which is becoming prohibited into cosmetics in developed countries. But for Rose Oil and tea tree , the association give some relaxation for the oils which have these isolates naturally but the upper limit is 3% for Methyle Eugenol and 2.5 % for Iso Eugenol.

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Essential Oils and Special Therapies

As one can see the posts of this Blog for review and uses of several essential oils products but there are many therapies in which the essential oils are highly used. Raindrop therapy is one of the famous among them. Gary Young, was the founder of this technique in USA at 1980s. By and by the time goes, researchers and aromatherapists make some good amendments and make it more powerful than before.

In this technique, they hold up the hands towards the light and breath heavily and feel as the air with great energy is going from nose to the spinal cord and healing the whole body. As soon as the time goes, they started feeling healthy and all of there bone and spinal problems was resolved. Some of this technique's practitioners are claiming that by using this technique several chronic illnesses be alleviated within weeks or months. According to me, it is also possible because I believe in it and also feel the same using this technique.

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Essential Oils and Plants

Some people think that plants material emit the essential oils but the real thing is the essential oils are the main stream running behind and plant , every plant have its own properties and uses for human being but every human being trying to demolish the plants due to their own interests. Why peoples are doing this ? The major reason is greedy behavior Or money making behavior of us. The veins of human being is carrying the blood , the essential for body and plants are also carrying what are essential for them. Nature provide us the plants for existence of human being and we develop the new idea to distill the plant and extract the real organism from it.

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