Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Agarwood Oil - The Different Grades

Agarwood Oil (Aloeswood ) is the gold of Assam, India and famous for its Mystical Fragrance comes from insecticidal wood. The insect make some fungi over wood and the place where fungi occur collected by using special knives and then put it into the water tank for 2-4 months for maturity and then used finally for distillation purposes.

How can we differentiate the grades of Aloeswood Or Agarwood Or oudh ?

The Grades are basically depend upon the area from where the wood is collected and also it depends upon the time of maturity. The Aloes wood with having good insect fungi and collected from Imfall, Nagaland State India is the superior grade and costing very much. We usually say it Grade A with liquid like appearance. Grade A- II is from rest wood which didn't used for first distillation. Grade C, D from the wood of Arunanchal Pradesh State, Grade E, F is from Assam State of India. The E and F is from immature wood of Aloeswood and it is costing lesser than other grades.

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Reference : Agarwood Oil India

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