Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bulk Essential Oils demand in asian market.

Essential Oils are become very special in these days as everywhere the FMCG ( Fast Moving Consumer goods) are becoming very popular. The western aromatherapy is moving towards Asian market in result, the Asia is becoming the largest buyer of Essential Oils and Absolutes.

Due to market position and currency weakness , US is now tending towards his own products instead of importing in bulk quantities of essential oils. Brand building, Customized products making, beauty care and skin care products are having so much popularity there. But in Asia, large oil trading and high quantity purchase is getting boost. Now a days, Asia is becoming No.1 in import of essential oils and India is one largest essential oil exporter and importer now a days. There is a new awareness of certified Organic Oils, Kosher , Halal certified oils etc are produced by Indian organic farmers and producers. In result, the new era of Organic Products is tacking place.

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