Sunday, August 3, 2008

Essential Oils and Special Therapies

As one can see the posts of this Blog for review and uses of several essential oils products but there are many therapies in which the essential oils are highly used. Raindrop therapy is one of the famous among them. Gary Young, was the founder of this technique in USA at 1980s. By and by the time goes, researchers and aromatherapists make some good amendments and make it more powerful than before.

In this technique, they hold up the hands towards the light and breath heavily and feel as the air with great energy is going from nose to the spinal cord and healing the whole body. As soon as the time goes, they started feeling healthy and all of there bone and spinal problems was resolved. Some of this technique's practitioners are claiming that by using this technique several chronic illnesses be alleviated within weeks or months. According to me, it is also possible because I believe in it and also feel the same using this technique.

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