Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rose Oil

Since ancient times, rose has been used for several therapeutic purposes. Now, the Rose Oil is highly demanded from the several big pharmaceuticals of South East Asia and due to special demand from the countries like Japan and South Korea, we well planned to doubled our production to compete with Bulgarian distiller ( whose season is gone out now ) and to provide better product this time.

As everybody knows that Bulgarian Rose Oil is one of the top selling rose oil from Europe but now , Indian supplier of Rose Oil put their leg on to the path of Bulgarian manufacturers. One thing is important from technical point of view, the Indian Rose Oil have less Methyle Eugenol and Iso Eugenol which is becoming prohibited into cosmetics in developed countries. But for Rose Oil and tea tree , the association give some relaxation for the oils which have these isolates naturally but the upper limit is 3% for Methyle Eugenol and 2.5 % for Iso Eugenol.

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