Friday, July 11, 2008

Attars of kannauj (India)- from inner perspective

Kannauj is an ancient place which had a name of "KanyaKubja " , hundreds of years ago during the kind King "Harshwardhana", kannauj was the Capital of India and also famous for Natural perfume making since then. It is know by following names over here "Attar" , "Itra" and "Sugandhit Tel (Fragrant Oil)".

The Kannauj had its name in Perfume making, my family was engaged in perfume making since 1850 around ( No exact date is known) but we have seen the Degs (copper stills) and Bhapkas (receivers) since our childhoods. We know the methods, we know the quality assurance , we know the truth in between foreign synthetics and our pure attars. ( I will do discuss more during more blog postings later from our inner perspective)

The most common Attar we are making are , Rose Attar, Kewra Attar, Champa Attar, Chameli Attar (Jasmine Attar), Bela Attar ( Sambac) and many more.

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