Friday, July 25, 2008

Organic Certified Essential Oils

Essential Oils are vital elements of Plants. They considered to be vegetable hormones and they are extracted from varying part of the plant. As Example, Sandalwood Oil extracted from the tree, Neroli Oil extracted from the orange blossoms etc. True essential oils are very expensive to produce because distillation and extraction if very labor-intensive work.

Essential Oils appears in large quantity in the leaves of plants than they do in the petals. It is requiring above 400 Kgs of Parsley or thyme to produce 1 Kg of Essential oil. We we moved to essential oils extracted from petals, the quantity required multiplied by 10 times, so 4000 Kgs of rose petals are required for extraction of 1 Kg Rose Oil. Around 6 Tons of Orange blossoms to produce 1 Kg of Neroli Oil.

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Zdena said...

Use of Aromatherapy and Essential oils may have various purposes including healing and prevention. Aromatherapy and Essential oils are big part of alternative medicine. Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live. 100% pure therapeutic Grade A Organic Essential Oils are God’s gift to mankind for healing and health. In their pure unadulterated state, organic essential oils contain the healing substances so powerful, that they are rated as having the most powerful immune-stimulating properties of any natural substance known to man. Many health professionals started to consider the therapeutic essential oils as “The Missing Link” in our health care. For more information visit Young Living Essential Oils 4 U and Essential Oils Miniguide

KUMAR said...

Essential oils, when inhaled, the impact of olfactory receptor cells.
Then reach parts of the brain that is known as the limbic system or part of the brain controls our emotions.
Essential oils can also be placed directly on the skin, however, must be diluted with a carrier oil before doing so.
The limbic system affects blood circulation, memory and even levels of hormones in the body.
The various essential oils have different effects on the body.
Essential oils are classified into three types.
These include Top Note, East Average Average Base and essential oils.
Top Note oils provide the most stimulation.
This is a good provision for me to a rebound for users.
They are very strong smells and generally last the shortest amount of time.
Media Note essential oils last a little above note oils.
They are also a little less strong in flavour.
They may have a positive impact on metabolic body.
Average Base essential oils are usually lasting about a week.
They are really useful in helping individuals relax.
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