Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rose Oil India

We SEI (Shiva Exports India) have expertise in making Rose Oil ( synonym : Ruh Gulab, Attar of Rose , Attar Gulab, Rosa Damascena, Rose Damask etc). We are well know among world community as a distiller and exporter of Rose Oil Ex Rosa Damascena.

Rose Oil is highly used in skin care, Aromatherapy blends, tobacco industry, pan masala industry ( mouth fresheners ) , and also in Natural Perfumer industry. According to the studies, it has 200+ components and some are very rare and precious for human being. The people of India is so much using the rose flowers for worship, ceremonies and also for decorations.

There are many types of rose flowers are available in India but oil comes from Rosa Centrifolia and Rosa Damascena.

Season : February - April ( Winters )
July - September ( Rainy )

Rosa Damascena require humidity and water for get good oil content in it.

The specification parameters are :
Specific gravity: 0. 854
Referective index: 1. 460
Optical rotation: -2
Active content: 27. 27% rodiol
10. 17% nerol
25. 51% geraniol

We are only dealing in 100% Pure and Natural Rose Oil.

Rose Oil
Rose Oil India

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