Friday, July 11, 2008

Mukhallat Attar - A long lasting essence

According to the general perspective, the natural Attars are not so much long lasting in comparison with Synthetic preparations. The major thing in attars are the way of manufacturing, method of distillation and combination of several smells into one.

There are several types of Attars, such as Single Note Attars (Rose, Kewra, Champa, Bela). Perfumes, such as Shamama(All types), Mukhallat , Majmua etc.

Here we will discuss about Mukhallat Attar. What it is actually? Mukhallat is a Arabic world , means the mixture of several floral essences such as Rose, Saffron, Bela, Genda etc. But we used special natural things such as Musk Ambrette Oil Or Musk Dana Or Ambrette Seed Essential Oil for giving long lasting smell , Costus Root Oil for earthy note , Agarwood oil for more consistency.

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