Friday, July 18, 2008

Jasmine Oil production in India

Jasmine oil is vesting produced in many areas of India but the primary location is South India's Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala state of India. The most preferred method is Solvent Extraction and Carbon Di Oxide extraction (CO2). But the cheapest way is to produce using Solvent. But due to high opposition of petroleum Hexane, people now started to produce using Ethanol which is an alcohol and very risky to catch fire.

We (Shiva Exports India) , Is producing 100% Organic Ethanol extracted Jasmine Oil Ex Jasminum Sambac and Ethanol Extracted Grandiflorum. We also offer Hydro Distilled Jasmine Oil Ex Jasminum Sambac.


  1. Jasmine Oil is highly used in perfumery, skin care and aromatherapy.
  2. Many Natural perfumes are now based on our Hydro Distilled Jasmine Oil ( Jasminum Sambac)

Jasmine Oil is not only increasing the glory of India but also giving us a room to work more on Organic , Non Pesticide products.

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