Monday, July 14, 2008

Shamama - a true natural essence

Shamama is becoming a powerful soft Natural Perfumes among westerns people. The manufacturing practice is quite difficult and we will have to stock of hundreds of Himalayan herbs, native flowers to apply on to Sandalwood Oil.

The herbs, used by us are 100% wild and after application over sandalwood oil, it become more powerful and left its medicinal properties into Shamama. The people of Gulf demand it in very bulk quantities for application into Skin Care, As a perfume and also as a burning oil.

The true Shamama Attar Or Shamama Perfume is costing over $ 1200 USD to $ 5000 USD /kg depening upon the quality and material used during development.

There are many types of Shamama are available in the market.
1) Ambari Shamama - Shamama having top note of Amber
2) Sandalwood Shamama - Sandalwood Based Attar
3) Shamama 960
4) Shamama 112
5) Shamama (Oud Based) Or Agarwood Shamama
6) Musk Shamama
7) Shamama J

For more detail , please visit : Shamama

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