Friday, July 11, 2008

Jasmine Auriculatum Absolute

General Description & Origin: The Jasmine Auriculatum is one of the rare and unique smelling flower of Jasmine family. It is growing only in North India. Highly used in development of unique development of jasmine perfumes, jasmine creams.

Extraction: The Jasmine Absolute Oil is produced using the below steps.

  • First the journey starts from concrete making which is made by using solvent extraction, after which the absolute result by saperation of alcohol from the concerte.
  • The Waxes and Other impurities are extracted by using the freezing point operation.
  • We are also doing Hydro Distillation of Juhi flowers. It is called "Ruh Juhi". For more details and prices, please feel free to contact with Wholesale Essential oils
Jasmine Auriculatum Absolute, Juhi Oil, Pure Juhi Absolute

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